Deploy Websites That Give You More Leads And Sales

With our conversion-focused templates, now you can instantly create professional looking and potentially extremely profitable marketing websites with just a few simple clicks.

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Your High-Converting Site In 3 Easy Steps

Lead Generation

Landing Pages

Standalone pages designed to stimulus a specific audience to take action.

  • Modern and neat looking templates. Created with marketers in mind.
  • Convert targeted visitors into prospects and potentially customers.
  • Simple to customize without any hassle.
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Profit Generation

Sales Pages

Effective pages to sell whatever product, service, or software you are offering.

  • Craft sales letters that hook your visitors in and consume your copy.
  • Get prospects to open their wallet and buy your products or services.
  • Save hours of time designing yourself.
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Value Generation

Membership Pages

Exclusive pages to deliver your offer and develop relationship with members.

  • Proven and easy-to-navigate layout that your members will love.
  • Effortlessly customize a professional looking membership portal.
  • All this with a few clicks of your mouse.
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Listen To What My Customers Have To Say


We changed our homepage, our landing pages, and our entire membership structure based on his templates. All my members loved them and we've >10,000 members.

Kirk Du Plessis,

Before I found KM Lee, I was making all this stuff myself, try to make it look good, and it'd take me literally months to make one of my courses. Now it takes me a matter of days.


Carefully Crafted Design To Boost Conversion

Choose from a variety of professionally designed mobile responsive templates to take your website conversions to a higher level - with minimum effort.

  • Business Page

    Modern looking design to showcase your business at a quick glance.
  • Event Page

    Exclusively for coaches, speakers, or trainers to promote live events.
  • Giveaway Page

    Get subscribers to your mailing list by giving away an irresistible offer.
  • Launch Page

    Educate your prospects, build social interaction, then launch your offer.
  • Webinar Page

    Get more attendees to register for your next online presentation.

Do I Really Need Your Pre-Made Templates?

They Are NOT For You If...

  • You are not an OptimizePress* customer
  • You already know how to make websites
  • You like to build everything from scratch
  • You already have your own web designer
  • You need to make a lot of customization

They Are 100% For You If...

  • You don't have a good eye for designing
  • You want to get things up and running
  • You don't want to waste time on design
  • You can't afford to hire costly designers
  • You prefer to focus on doing marketing

*The templates only work with OptimizePress platform. You can find out more about it here.

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

Will the templates work with the latest OptimizePress 3.0 platform?

You can find my premium OP3 designs in the official OptimizePress template store here.

What are the requirements to use the pre-made content template?

You must be a customer of OptimizePress 3.0. Make sure your WordPress site passed the compatibility check. I recommend you test by uploading a free template.

How can I acquire the pre-made template(s) that I want from here?

You can purchase my OP2 templates in the OptimizePress Marketplace here.

Why the template(s) I've uploaded look different than the preview?

This is probably caused by the third party theme or plugin(s) you may have installed on your website. To fix this issue, I recommend you follow the steps in this video here.

Is there a limit of the number of times a template can be installed?

You can install a template an unlimited number of times on sites you operate.

Do you offer support if I encounter any issues with the template(s)?

Of course! I proudly stand behind my work and you can reach out to me here.

Do you provide additional services such as template customization?

Unfortunately, I no longer accept freelance work anymore. There are plenty of experienced freelancers you can search online who offered OptimizePress related services.