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You should always perform due diligence before buying products or services from the internet. This includes the products and services referred here and all other websites.

Material Connection

Unless otherwise expressly stated, all references to the products and services here on OptimizeTemplates are made because material connections exist between Part Time Boss Enterprise (Owner) and providers of mentioned products and services (Provider).

Good Faith Recommendation

The Owner recommends products and services on OptimizeTemplates based on good faith belief that purchase of such products or services will help purchasers in general.

The Owner has this good faith belief because (a) the Owner has used the products or services mentioned prior to recommending them or (b) the Owner has researched the reputation of the Provider, and has decided to recommend the Provider’s products or services based on the Provider’s history of providing these or other products or services.

Potential Bias And Due Diligence

The Owner’s opinion about a product or service may be partially formed (consciously or subconsciously) in part based on the fact that the Owner has been compensated or will be compensated because of the Owner’s business relationships with the Providers.

In some cases, the Owner and a Provider will have a business or personal relationship that does not involve the Owner receiving compensation related to the products and services recommended on OptimizeTemplates. But the nature of this relationship is sufficient to establish a material connection between the Owner and the Provider.

Because there's material connection between the Owner and the Providers of products and services recommended on OptimizeTemplates, you should always assume that the Owner may be biased because of the Owner’s relationship with the Provider and (or) because the Owner has received or will receive compensation from the Provider.

Perform your own due diligence before purchasing a product or service recommended on OptimizeTemplates (or on any other websites).


The type of compensation received by the Owner may vary. In some cases, the Owner may receive complimentary products, services, or cash prizes from a Provider prior to recommending the Provider’s products or services on OptimizeTemplates.

In other instances, the Owner may receive a monetary commission or non-monetary compensation when you take action based on the content of OptimizeTemplates. This includes, but is not limited to, when you purchase a product or service from a Provider after clicking on an affiliate link on OptimizeTemplates.

Earnings Disclaimer

If OptimizeTemplates has Earnings Disclaimer, the Compensation Disclosure Policy will be incorporated into those disclaimers by reference.

Testimonials Disclaimer

In accordance with the FTC guidelines concerning the use of endorsements and testimonials in advertising, please be aware of the following:

Testimonials appearing on OptimizeTemplates are from verified customers and owners. The testimonials reflect the real experiences of individuals who used the templates.

The Owner does not claim, nor should the reader assume, that any individual experience recounted is typical or representative of what other customers might experience.

These testimonials are not necessarily representative of what anyone else using the templates may experience. The testimonials posted on OptimizeTemplates include the original wording of the customer, except for grammatical, typo, and formatting edits.

All testimonials are reviewed for authenticity before they are posted for public viewing.

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